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tv   First Business  KICU  January 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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mapping out progress. the president's plan to support struggling u.s. cities. in today's cover story.... did this restaurant go too far by firing employees --during a remodeling job. plus....just how effective are mega million dollar ads during the super bowl? and... we roll out the red carpet for the movies that fueled a record rocket ride at the box office. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning!it's thursday, january 9th.i'm angela miles. in today's first look: reaction to action. adp jobs data showed a surprising 238,000 workers were added to payrolls last
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month.and the fed minutes revealed officials agreed in december to taper the bond buying program because it would eventually lose it's zing to the economy.that lead to a mixed market wednesday with the dow down 68 points..nasdaq in the green by 13, the s&p was close to unchanged while gold fell $6 and oil dropped $1.11. let's do lunch! out-going fed chair ben bernanke has a lunch date today with senate democrats.the cbo reports the government recorded a $44 billion surplus in december.macy's out with a shocker after the close. the retailer plans to lay off 2,500 employees and close 5 stores. the chain also narrowed its sales growth forecast. todd horwitz of opens up our trading day. good to have you on the show as always todd. >>good morning angie. >>there was big news in the treasury department yesterday with the 10 year yield reaching 3%. what do you expect as far as follow through?
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>>i think we're going to 3 ½ maybe 4%. i think that the bond market has gotten away from the fed and as we've said before, the bond market is the biggest market in the world by five times over and can absorb that $75 billion all they want. >>what did you see in the fed minutes yesterday that caught your trader eye? >>i think i saw a big nothing that they're going to be wishy washy throughout the year. don't be surprised if they decide to go back to 85 billion or more. they left the door open to do anything they want. so the free money train will continue to roll on. >>the polar vortex has been a big mover of natural gas. what do you see in that trade todd? >>if you take a look at natural gas, the suppliers got trapped over the weekend a little bit with a cash squeeze. but you look at the chart. we're up near in a channel just over $4. i don't see a lot if this extended cold weather starts we could possibly break out but
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more than likely we're gonna come back down and settle somewhere in the mid 3's. >>thank you for coming on our show today todd. >>thank you for having me. president obama is ramping up investment in america. today-- the president is scheduled to map out a new effort to help improve conditions in a handful of low- income communities. they include san antonio, philadelphia, los angeles, southeastern kentucky and the choctaw nation of oklahoma. deemed "promise zones" , the communities are eligible for tax breaks and other federal assistance.the cities are the first five of twenty locations the government will select for the program. the senate votes on another procedural measure connected to extending benefits to long term out of work americans. the measure passed/ failed/ the reports senate democrats have designs on pushing through the bill without offesetting the expense..extending unemployment checks for 3 more months will cost $6.4 billion dollars. this is a three month extension. let's pass this bill
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so our fellow americans, more than a million of them, don't have to suffer and we can then talk about the long-term plan. i hear the administration is open to discussing paying for it as well. there may be a way forward here. what we ought to do is have an open amendment process, and plenty of discussion those debates will take place throughout the rest of the week.the bill needs the approval of the full senate and the house where it faces it's biggest challenge. employees at a chain sandwich shop in chicago fired without warning, three days before christmas have filed a complaint with the national labor relations our cover story explains, the company gave them one reason publically, but employees suspect the true reason may be tied to their attempts to
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unionize. "(chant) "stand up, fight back" employees of snarf's, a denver- based chain of more than a dozen sandwich shops--mostly in colorado say a company email three days before christmas notified them that their employment was terminated, effective the next day---the reason: their shop in chicago would close the next day for remodling and reconcepting, due to increased competition and losses. "a lot of us had rapport and the corporation didn't recognize that at all." "i don't know how i'll pay for rent or anything. (have you found a job since? no, i don't have a job, no." the chain is expanding. but chicago workers were told they won't have jobs at their store's expected reopening in february. they suspect it may be that many of them actively worked to raise their wages such as 9-50 an hour in kait ziegler's case to 15-dollars an hour, including two one-day strikes in august and december. employer retaliation violates federal law. "they have a claim to their job. they're still employees. the owner, though has terminated them and the only rationale seems to be concern
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for organzising that has flared up there but nowhere else." christmas eve, the company's ceo posted on facebook that the closure was "insensitive and poorly planned" and to apologize, promised "an additional week's wages to employees terminated. so far, employees have seen nothing. a spokeswoman for snarf's declined to discuss whether the terminations trace back to union activism or slow business or whether the privately-held company had decide to reconsider it's c-e-o's facebook promise of a week's pay. in the latest investigation of major banks.. regulators are looking into whether the firms cheated clients "after" the financial crisis. according to reports...a number of banks on wall street may have deliberately mispriced a type of mortgage bond-- tied to the finanical meltdown.the wall street journal says banks under
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scrutiny are barclays, citigroup, deutesche bank, goldman sachs, jp morgan chase, morgan stanley, royal bank of scotland and ubs. official answers regarding boeing's 7-8-7 dreamliner troubles are due in march.details of last january's battery fire aboard a japan airlines dreamliner will be made available at the end of march.the national transportation safety board will also release its review of last year's boston dreamliner fire, this fall. fewer feet marched into stores for holiday shopping this year.according to shopper trak... foot traffic at malls and stores was down 14% compared to last year. however, shoppers spent more money this year... overall sales were up 2.7% in november and december. the survey also finds that black friday was the strongest sales day of the season as consumers turned out in droves for rock bottom deals. for jcpenney -- the devil is in the lack of details. shares of the retailer fell 10% yesterday after a brief review of holiday sales numbers was not enough to "cheer" investors. j-c-p says it is "pleased" with it's
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holiday performance -- and also stated that customers responded "well" to offerings this christmas.the chain did not elaborate. no news is -- no news-- in microsoft's search for a ceo. the tech company is yet to name a successor to microsoft leader steve ballmer who disclosed last august he intends to retire. and although there were indications a new ceo could be named this month.multiple sources tell a decision is not likely to happen before february due to a number of issues including microsoft chairman bill gate's-- busy schdule. sources says internal candidates are among those up for the job.the ceo of ford this week, told reporters he won't be joining microsoft. a new beginning for barnes and noble. the book chain has promoted michael huseby , to the top job at the company, after running the retailer's nook e reader division. huseby was hired by barnes and noble in 20-12 as its chief financial officer. he steps into the ceo
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role after former c-e-o william lynch, stepped down this summer following disappointing fourth quarter results. tapping into some of the latest earnings. constellation brands profits nearly doubled because of beer sales. the company acquired belgium's anheuser busch in bev last summer.monsanto earnings caused a stir on walll street after beating expections with rich sales of its biotech soybeans.and micron techonolgy topped estimates on flashy sales of its memory chips. a new study finds a hit super bowl ad does not always mean brands will score big with viewers. in a survey, ad reserch group communicus says the most talked about ads are not always the ones that consumers are going to remember when it comes time to buy.research finds ads have to be memorable and pursuade them to purchase. jeri smith, the ceo of communicus says one of the most successful ads from last year came from budweiser, focused on a man and a clydesdale, reunited. those clydesdale's are so iconic and so linked inexplicably to the brand and its values that when you have
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clydesdale's you really are talking about the brand. and it was such a charming commericial. but it made people feel good about the brand. smith adds super bowl ads tend to be more effective when linked to the release of a new product. still to come: digital love...the new film our critic is gushing over-- how investors can take a cue from this year's consumer electronics show. and ....which is the most traded stock of them all? the answer is after the break.
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apple shines at the top among
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average joe traders.the stock had a wild ride during the past year... and, a new survey from td ameritrade shows month after month in 2013-- apple dominated the list of the most actively traded stock. the tech giant however is beginning to get some competition as trading volumes pick up in twitter, facebook, tesla and netflix. twitter's ceo was especially social at the consumer electronics show this week. dick costolo appeared as a speaker, touting that twitter will lead the way with one-on-one advertising, however he did note that users may opt out of targeted ads, which could be significant to the companies' bottom line going forward. twitter stock received a downgrade, yesterday...which caused shares to slide 3 and a half percent. for the latest on other headline stories from the consumer electronics show. joining us now is technology journalist marc saltzman. he's on the floor of ces today. good morning mark. >>good morning. this is the super bowl of tech as they call it and the big trends at the
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2014 consumer electronics show are wearable tech, connected devices, and 4k---ultra high definition tv's like the ones behind me at sony. these televisions have 4 times the quality of regular hd. so instead of 2 million little dots that make up the image, it's 8 million. in plain english, it's so lifelike. it's unbelievable. it's getting everybody buzzing here. all the big companies are here with their technology, the sony models in particular. now they have the ability to create content with a 4k camera. this is the world's first consumer camcorderthe ax100 handycam--- that lets you capture memories in 4k. so you can watch it on these big beautiful new tv's. if you don't have 4k yet, it is backward compatible. it will work with a regular tv. the idea is that you want to archive life's precious moments in the best quality possible. so definitely 4k, also referred to as ultra high def, is all the buzz here at the 2014 ces. >>among the other products that are coming out, we're also hearing from some of these big ceo's like marissa mayer of yahoo. how was she received this week at ces? >>she was received very well by the crowd and online. she trended in the top 10 of twitter immediately. marissa has
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been turning around yahoo. she has been rebranding the company not just as a web search solution but as a media powerhouse. there's been a lot of high profile names that they've been hiring over the last couple of months including katie couric, david poe from the new york times. so they are really on fire. they're doing great. there's a lot of buzz here on the showroom floor and in the twitterverse about marissa and what the future of yahoo holds. >>what trends are emerging at ces this year? >>i mentioned a couple like wearable tech and connected devices. convergence is another great one. these areone product that can do a number of things very well. for example intel has had a really busy booth with what they call 2 in 1's. these are laptops that turn into tablets. i've got one in front of me as an example. this is the dell xps-12 that can transform from a keyboard centric laptop into a touchscreen. so from your 9 to 5 life and then into your 5 to 9 life. when you want to kick back and use your fingertips with your feet up on the coffee table with a 9 ½ hour battery. intel says there will be more than 50 2 in 1's in 2014 for as low as $349. it's a great product because you get the best of both worlds. you get the power and performance of a pc because it's got an intel core processor with mobility and
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battery life of a tablet. so we're expecting big things from that category. >>from an investing standpoint, what are some bigger names that investors should watch for this year? >>some are skepticalthere was a lot of buzz about snapchat for example in 2014 and then they had a massive data breach towards the end of the year. when it comes to startups companies are sometimes a bit reluctant until the company's been around for a while. so snapchat being an example of thatbut certainly when it comes to content, with those 4 k tv's that i talked about behind me, netflix is still doing so well with their original programming and now 4k programming coming. so netflix is one to watch. of course the likes of samsung and sony and lgthe big tech powerhouses. google is about to debut google glass, although not expected to be a mainstream hit at the beginning. this is a wearable computer. wearable tech is becoming really big. apple isn't going anywhere. they didn't really launch anything new in 2013 that raised a lot of eyebrows but certainly they've got a lot of r&d going on in the background. we'll see if 2014 is the year we will see the itv if you will or the iwatch. so all the usual suspects as well as companies like twitter whose stock is doing well and facebook as well. >>thank you markappreciate it. >>thanks for having me. don't go anywhere coming up next.. find out whether yahoo shares are a buy or a sell as the stock reaches record levels... and, it's a wrap! the best and worst of the 20-13 box office, plus who will walk away winners at this sunday's golden globe awards. we'll be right back!
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2013 goes down in the books as a very good year for hollywood. joining us now is our movie man, here to talk about the record year that was. welcome
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back to the show as always. how great was it? >>10.9 billion dollars domestically at the u.s. box office. that's pretty extraordinary considering how great 2012 was with the avengers, dark knight, and skyfall. 2013 found a way to beat it. >>you did a terrific job for us in compiling the lists of the blockbusters of the year. take a look at this listunbelievable numbers here. now $740 million is actually the net profit. >>yeah. if you consider the budgets of these movies and what they cost just production wise and also their prints and advertising costs--$740 million, that's just profit. >>also on the list is despicable me 2, the hunger games: catching fireno surprise there, gravity, fast and furious 6. and there were some blunders. >>oh yes. >>these are actually in the
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negative side. 47 ronin. >>yeah we've been waiting for this one to drop all year and it finally did and what a thud it is for universal. >>jack the giant slayer, losing $247 million, the lone ranger, ripd, and enders game. >>if you look at both of those lists you see universal and disney on both of those liststhe best and the worst. considering that both of those studios made over a billion dollars just in profit is pretty extraordinary. >>disney had a great year and could continue to have a great year going forward because at the box office over the weekend frozen coming in at number one but also justing getting a lot of strong buzz. i'm hearing more and more people talk about this film. >>this is the 7th week of the film's release and the film managed to climb back up to the number 1 slot. now that's attributed to the word of mouth and people loving this movie and going back to see it and also there's not a lot opening at this time either.
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>>also at the box office over the weekend was paranormal activity: the marked ones coming in at number 2, and the hobbit, the wolf of wall streetwhich i thought would do a little bit better but apparently there was a lot of naughty words and >>and a lot of length. it was 3 hours. >>and american hustle. >>it's doing very well for david o. russell. that's going to break $100 million very soon. >>coming up this weekend one of the best films of the year you saythe lone survivorthat's not it, the legend of hercules, and her. >>her was my pick for number 1 film of 2013. spike jonze's wonderful, quirky, amusing, heartbreaking romance between a man and his computer. >>and the performance by joaquin phoenix? >>it's oscar worthy. he's probably going to be fighting an uphill battle to get a nomination but he's very deserving of one. scarlett johansson who doesn't even appear in the filmit's just her voicedeserves an oscar nomination even though you don't see her in the flesh. it's an absolutely extraordinary performance. >>and the audience doesn't know this but you screened this movie a while back and you've been talking about it.
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>>i have been waiting to talk about it here with you! so hopefully people will go see it. lone survivor will be number 1 this weekend but go see her. >>the golden globes are this weekend. who comes out a winner? >>the 2 big winners this weekend will be 12 years a slave and american hustle. i think 12 years will win on the drama side and american hustle's going to do very well on the comedy side. >>thank you. always a pleasure. >>thank you. just ahead-- investors continue to rally around yahoo stock.a trader take is after the break in chart talk.
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matt cavanaugh of cmz trading joins us now for chart talk. he's here to talk about yahoo. matt, the stock has gone 0 to 60 to at least the teens to the 40's. >>this was a company that was unloved for a long time. it sat
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in the mid teens for most of 2012. it's really got some nice properties. a lot of people use their website and you're seeing the stock being rewarded right now. >>you recommended this stock on our show about a year ago and that was a time when it was very unloved. so what do you see now in the charts that would cause you to continue to feel like this stock could go higher? >>i think they've still got some valuable assets. the've got alibaba which hasn't ipo'd yet. if this market stays hot that could be a huge kicker for yahoo. and i think you've got the added bonus if you will of marissa mayer really trying to turn this into a viable company, compete with the googles of the world, really use their unique visitors. the people that come to the website make this company fire on all cylinders. they've been buying companies and doing a lot of good things. so i think that ultimately this stock could go higher. >>what would you say to somebody though who doesn't currently own this stock and now they want to get in even though you believe it will go up? >>that's a really tough thing. like we said, there's been nothing but positive news for
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the last year or so. the stock has gone straight up. she just had a really big speech the stock is above multi-year highs so i'm looking for a pullback here. looking for some people to maybe take some of their chips off the table, something to happenanother catalyst and then maybe jump in a little bit lower. >>what level would you like to own this then if you could start again and maybe add to your position? >>is 15 a good answer? >>okay. >>i think if realistically you get a chance to buy this somewhere in the mid 30's. i think you're ok. i think you're ok for 40 but like i said, the trader side of me there's some psychology there and i would like to see it go lower. >>matt, great to have you on the show. thank you. >>thank you. that's it for now.coming up tomorrow.the one day on first business you never want to miss-- join us friday for traders unplugged as the guys go toe to toe over the best investment ideas of the week. from all of us at first business...thanks for watching!
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